June Meeting!

Hi All!

This month’s competition is back at our usual meeting spot – Carpool in Herndon.  Our competition is based around BJCP 24, 25, & 26, Mead / BJCP 27 & 28, & Cider.  In years past we have had some excellent ciders and meads come in, so prepare your palate!

See you all at 730.

May Meeting!

Hi All!

This month’s meeting is a non competition month.  During most of our non-competition months throughout the year we try to visit different places in the area (breweries, pubs, etc) and this month the meeting will be held at DelMarVa tap house located in Sterling VA.  You can find their website here.  The address is: 46300 Cranston Street Sterling, VA 20165

Feel free to bring some homebrew to share – just remember to keep it to 2 oz pours.

Even though it’s a non competition month we’re going to try out a new scoresheet for those of you who would like to try it.  It’s a condensed BJCP scoresheet, with checkboxes instead of having to write out sentences or feedback.

See you at the meeting!

New Website!

Didn’t get what you were expecting?  Well that’s either because you typed in the wrong URL or we’ve got a new website!  Huzzah!  We still have our old historical content available and it will be on here as time goes on.  For now look for new features to come soon and keep an eye out for a survey from us (or surveymonkey) to give us some feedback about how we’re doing with the club!.

See you all at Carpool.  Cheers!